Tuesday, 22 December 2015


कब तक चलेगा ये खेल,अब बदलना चाहिए
बड़ा मुश्किल है ये पासा,अब पलटना चाहिए
हवाऐं चलती है अपनी मरज़ी से इस जहां में
इन हवाओं का रुख अब बदलना चाहिए

खिलौने सा है इस कलम का खेल अबतलक
पुराना हो चूका ये खिलौना अब टूटना चाहिए
अबला नही,सहनशक्ति की मूरत निर्भया है तू
निर्भया से अब तुझे शोला बनना चाहिए

और कोई ना तुले इस तराजू में इस तरह से
अब ये सदियों पुरानी तराजू बदलनी चाहिए
चुप सी है ये गलियाँ इस शहर की अबतक
इन गलियों से कोई आवाज निकलनी चाहिए

Monday, 21 December 2015


Soldier fights for the sake of country
Placing his life before the motherland
Making a peaceful place for people's entry
Destroying all kind of mankind's band

Having a gun in hand,armour on body
Move his steps towards the battlefield
Where many are fighting for victory
He starts his mission-means to be killed

Whom he neither meet nor know
His sword decides who will win or defeat
Can't find whether the other is friend or foe
Only moves with sword to show his feat

He makes heaps of deads with his sword
Creating the battlefield like a huge cemetery
Does he know his duty towards the Lord?
Nothing is left to do for him any inquiry

Friday, 11 December 2015

Planet is like a five star hotel

Planet is like a five star hotel
Where we can enjoy everything
Rather than move like cattle
Getting rubbish not see to natural thing

Trees serve with fruit and shade
Serve body with breath and wood
Flowers with scent even when they fade
Fields are full of grains for our food

Rivers give water to the fields and us
Seas are the houses for water creature
Forests are the greatest treasure for us
Fulfill our necessities and make all nurture

Mountains keep all herbs  in height
Sky seems like an umbrella over the planet
Sun blesses with heat,Moon with light
Soil has all the seeds for this planet

Clouds floating in the sky with rain
All seasons play their games in all time
Winds blowing everywhere like a fan
Leaves and twigs start their sweet rhyme

Saturday, 21 November 2015

मन्दिर में न चढ़ा तो पत्थर ही कहलाएगा

मन्दिर में न चढ़ा तो बस पत्थर ही कहलाएगा
है तकदीर तेरे साथ तो खुदा भी बन जाएगा

पड़ा रहेगा यूँ रास्ते का रोड़ा बनकर हर कहीँ
गर नसीब में लिखा तो ताजमहल में सज जाएगा

कहीं धूल से ढका होगा तेरा आशियाँ इस जहाँ में
इत्तफ़ाक़ कहीं तुझपे कोई मखमली चादर भी चढ़ाएगा

कीचड़ में सना होगा तू हर तरफ से ए-दोस्त
और कही तुझे इस जमी पर कोई दूध से नहलाएगा

पत्थर ही पत्थर हर जगह फैले पड़े है यहां पर
बस तराशते ही तू एक सुंदर सी मूरत बन जाएगा

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dark night falls on me

Dark night falls on me
Till a moon shines in my life
Nothing but solitude surrounds me
Still waits one hope in my strife

Hours upon hours I see one thing
Sitting alone on that shore
Where my life's tide keeps floating
That nothing appears to be sure

Sometimes it creates high waves
Sometimes it keeps itself very silent
I just run between it's rays
Trying to find a way in that violent

Still no stars,no Moon in my sky
Blackness makes me very sad
But my conscience tells me to fly
In life ,there are good days after bad

Inspiration Makes thee dance with Pen

Inspiration makes thee dance with pen
Sing with words,laugh with pain
When thou weep,it wipes out thy tears
When thou frightened,it soothes thy fears

When faith,in this world,leave thee alone
When darkness makes thee forlorn
In thy path,it lights the lamp of hope
In this darkness,it makes a way of life's crop

When thou get nothing after day labour
It creates a ground for thee to play forever
And thou perform thy role with greater power
Never expect any fruit in return thy share

In a battle,when two fight with each other
One has to hug the loss,nothing is left further
Then,it makes the wounded take the sword
Till the last,he keeps fighting on the board

Banyan Tree

Banyan tree stands here for decades
His eyes have seen all the changes
Many storms came and went
He faced the storms and never bent

Many sit under his shade
Whether they are good or bad
He never tries to make difference
With anyone who lives on this fence

He gives his fruit,his wood to all
He never creates any racial wall
Neither he begs nor he steals
Nor he weeps never he feels

Only performs his duty towards all
Whether you burn or make him fall
Human needs to learn his patience
His duty to serve God's universe

O! Man,where thou run for love

O! Man,where thou run for love?
Spent day-night away from home
Wandering in vain at every row
Did nothing in life except roam

Thou always tried to search face
But never strived to walk right way
Always got in that puzzled race
In which thou couldn't get any ray

Thy heart grows love for thee
Need to sow some seeds there
Then that plant will give this free
O! Man tries to look into there

Water the plant till the fruit appear
Nurture the fruit till thy life remains
Enjoy that without going anywhere
Leave some traces for all the brains

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Beauty is the Greatest Weapon in Thy Hand

Beauty is the greatest weapon in thy hand
Creative power works as a magic wand
Awesome blend of beauty and creativity
Both show thy real image of dainty

Thou are the most beautiful rose among the rest
Thus a flower is blooming in the desert
Spreading a sweet odour everywhere
Dead desert becomes alive that lies there

When thou pass through,all objects seem to greet thee
Leaves seem to touch thy pink cheeks with glee
Branches appear to salute thy grace
Sweet breeze blows there touching
thy face

Sea-waves rise to feel thy soft velvet skin
Tide is calm for thy reflection in that water-scene
Sky seems to protect thee from heat of the day
Moon appears to spread the light in  thy way

Thou are beyond any kind of measure
Can't be cleared by this worldly eraser

Saturday, 31 October 2015


है हिन्दू,मुसलमा,सिख कोई,तो रहने दीजिए
मजहब के नाम पर मुल्क ना बटने दीजिए
     बनाने वाले ने कोई फर्क नही किया खून में
     दोस्तों,खून के रंग में फर्क ना होने दीजिए
यहाँ गाथा है गौतम,नानक,कबीरा की
इस शदियों की गाथा को यूँ ना मिटने दीजिए
      यहाँ निशां है भगत,अशफाक,आजाद के
      इन पाक निशां को यूँ न मिटने दीजिए
मिटटी का रंग बदल सकता है इस जहां में
पर इसकी खुशबु को ना बदलने दीजिए
   गर बची है थोड़ी सी इंसानियत कही जिगर में
   तो किसी भूखे पेट को यूँ ना सोने दीजिए
बना लीजिए अपनी महल-ओ-हवेलियां
पर किसी गरीब का आशियाँ ना टूटने दीजिए
    खेलिए सियासत का खेल अपनी ख़ुशी से
    पर किसी मासूम को खेल ना बनने दीजिए
गर है तो रखिए शौक आग से खेलने का
पर किसी गरीब का झोंपड़ा यूँ ना जलने दीजिए
    है सभी इस उन्मुक्त आसमां के परिंदे
    इनकी परवाज को यूं ना रुकने दीजिए

Thursday, 22 October 2015

राम कौन है

राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

कदम-कदम पर बैठी है कितनी अहिल्या
लेकिन किसी को भी अभी तक राम नही मिला
कितनी सीता सहती है जुल्म की आग को
और कितनी अबलाओं को जाता है रोज हरा
राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

रावण तो एक ही सुना था लंका के लिए
पता नही अब तक कितने रावण मार दिए
कितने रावण है अभी तक मन के अन्दर
कोई उसमें झांककर तो देखे जरा
राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

कितना पाखण्ड देखा जाता है हर वर्ष
कितना दिखावा होता है हर तरफ
राम जैसा आदर्श दीखता कहीं भी नही
फिर भी रावण को जलाया जाता है हर तरफ
पर अंदर का दम्भ अभी तक है नही मरा
राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

कितना पैसा बहा दिया जाता है हरबार
कितने तीरों की पैनी की जाती है धार
फिर छोड़ दिया जाता है उस पुतले पर
स्वयं का करते हुए राम सा श्रृंगार
अभी तक किसी का मन नही है भरा
राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

कब तक झूठ के पुतलों को जलना होगा
कब तक श्रद्धा के नाम पर पाखण्ड होगा
कब तक करेंगे राम और रावण का दिखावा
कब तक ये धर्म के नाम पर खेल होगा
इस पर भी तो कोई विचार करो जरा
राम कौन है आप में,बताए कोई जरा
जलते हुए रावण ने पूछा सबको
जब-जब घमण्ड ने मनाया हर वर्ष दशहरा

Monday, 19 October 2015

Life is not like an ornament

Life is not like an ornament
To be kept forever in a shelf
Neither be considered as rent
Nor taken it as a toy of oneself

Like seed that grows as plant
And later then forms as a tree
Fruits to taste for all as grant
Shade for creatures as free

Like a soldier,place in the battle
Fight till the last figure to count
Has to prove clear in that rattle
Each and every steps of account

A long but tedious race to be run
Not like a rabbit but a tortoise
Thinking it as play and all fun
Away from all this worldly noise

Carrying with it joy and sorrow
Facing difficulties and alteration
Appearing so open and narrow
A puzzle of this mortal creation

Has to give the full description
To the Almighty who sends all
To play the role leaving inspiration
For others on this worldly wall

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

सुलग रहा है सारा हिंदुस्तान

सुलग रहा है सारा हिंदुस्तान
पूछ रहा है बस एक सवाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

धर्म-राजनीति के नाम पर
जाने कितने होंगे और हलाल
चारों ओर है दहशत फैली
कट रहे है सैनिकों के कपाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

घर भर रहे है सब अपने-अपने
जनता बेचारी है बेहाल
महंगाई ने कमर है तोड़ी
अमीर हो रहे है मालामाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

मन की बात से भूख नही मिटती
जुमलों से नही होता कोई कमाल
काम करके दिखाना पड़ता है
इसकी भी आस नही लगती फ़िलहाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

राजनीती का सब बिछा रहे है जाल
लुभाने वादों का है चारों तरफ पाल
पल-पल में बदल जाती है इनकी वाणी
बड़ा ही गजब का है इनका मायाजाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

सुलग रहा है सारा हिंदुस्तान
पूछ रहा है बस एक सवाल
कोई तो बोलो अच्छे दिन आने में
अब लगेगें और कितने साल

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Child is like a flower

Child is like a flower
Blooming in a garden
Spreading a sweet bower
Makes easy other's burden

All feel it's soft-sweet power
When it's movement is taken
Whole region is filled with shower
In him,there is Almighty's reflection

Even He seems to be it's follower
All remember the days hidden
All know,never returns this shower
Like an angel so pure and solemn

No ill,no will just to smile and hover
Leaving behind a glorious token
To follow the way to that shore
Where it was so irradiation

O yes! Child is like a sweet flower
Child is like a blooming flower

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Empty hand you came

Empty hand you came
Thus you will go
No one will remain same
Why do you create destruction and fraud?
Your love,wish,care are nothing
But only your pretence
To make other believe
To be your own lord
In fact you are nothing but a puppet
In the hand of that Mighty Player
Whatever He likes you do
When He pulls the string
You start pretending
When He loses the string
You become as dead
Then tell me, O! Toys
Why do you make so blunder
To think yourself as big as lord?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

When Evening Meets with Darkness

When evening meets with darkness
Like a puberty-rich river with the ocean
Slowly night creates only sudden silence
Having so different mood and variation

No movement,no sound can be heard
Leaves,plants all seem so stiff,so silent
Moving branches seem hanging like beard
Tall-huge trees all around seem to be bent

Springs,streams stop their dancing around
As if they never danced on this great stage
Stormy winds stop their whistling sound
That blow all day so sharply over the cottage

No one is there who wants to disturb them
In their meeting that is  so lovely and calmly
All who see this,seem standing to guard them
With so much devotion,patience and warmly

May the Moon be their biggest enemy?
He thinks he can make them separate
But not so,he is a puppet of Sunny
He himself remains always desperate

Stars in this infinite sky may feel exasperation
To see their love,their meeting so boundless
That's why they always keep their deflagration
Yes,When night meets with darkness

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beauties are not so what they appear

Beauties are not so what they appear
Their look is nothing but a snare
Innocents are caught by such illusion
Then they have to suffer as desolation

No place is found where truth plays
No reason is found why lie sprays
All have masks to make others believe
Considering this as their ground to live

Their gait is their main tool to be followed
Making up like queen makes others befooled
Their tears are same as the crocodile
Laugh seems as if hyenas smile

They change their joy as chameleon
Deceiving not only one,but million
For them,breaking heart is nothing but play
Considering a lover's heart as toy of clay

But this game does not go forever
Time comes when no one be in their favour
Even their memories leave them alone
Nothing be taken with except forlorn

Neither they increase nor they keep it forever
Time cuts them as they cut their lover
Not a trace of their splendor will remain
O! Beauties! why do you fuss in vain?

अब तो मन भर गया होगा तेरा

अब तो मन भर गया होगा तेरा
नही तो फिर और लगा दे मौत का डेरा
तब तक नही रुकना ए जालिम
जब तक भर ना जाए दिल तेरा

हिम्मत तो देख इस मासूम की
सांसे जरा भी नही अटकी
जा समाया लहरो में ऐसे
जैसे बून्द कोई हो वर्षा की

उसे सागर ने अपने सीने से लगा लिया
उसका सारा दर्द अपनी आगोस में ले लिया
खेला था समुन्द्र का बेटा बन कर,और
लहरों ने उसे किनारे पहुंचा दिया

वो तो सोया है अब सागर की गोद में
सोच!अब तेरा क्या होगा इस योग में
वो तो भव सागर पार हो गया
तुझे तिल-तिल करके मरना होगा इस लोक में

ए जालिम तूने ऐसा गुनाह किया है
जिसमें कोई  ख़ुशी से नही जिया है
ना रातों में नींद,ना दिन में तुझे आराम मिलेगा
अनगिनत मासूमों का खून जो तूने पिया है

कर ले पूरी,गर रह गई हो कोई कमी
फिर मोका भी नही मिलेगा तुझे,ओ बेरहमी
तेरे गुनाहों की सजा कभी माफ़ नही होगी
ना आसमां नसीब होगा ना होगी ये जमीं

Thursday, 3 September 2015

O!Queen,Why you Be proud on your beauty

O! Queen,why you be proud on your beauty
Don't you know this is your unseen frailty
That you believe to be the different one
You fall in this well from which you can't run

Always you think to live such a life forever
Never you ponder when you will be over
Time neither takes pity nor grant anything
Rather he will make you ride over his wing

Then you see what you should have known
Your charm that once played with frown
Now has lost the attraction like a log of wood
Your lips were pink but now seem no good

Look! Have you anything for your pride
This mortal shows your complete side
You do nothing but dragged your sand
This transient body ,this pride on this land

In the end,this flashy toy will burn to ash
Not a trace of your beauty is left to fresh
Then what upon you so much be proud
Nothing be taken with you,even a shroud

Leave mark behind you on golden sand
That other may follow you on this land
Live with other as roses live with thorn
Sing love song listening Lord's horn

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Life is Nothing Except a Brook

Life is nothing except a moving brook
That,as careless,always keeps rolling
Without stopping, bending like crook
Along with mud,dirt keeps flowing

After issuing from it's birth place
See nothing but for the destination
That has been laid in the palace
Starts staggering along the creation

Water that seems so clean and pure
When the journey takes place
Later it becomes very dirty and impure
As soon as it gives high speed to it's race

Although it feels pride over it's purity
Yet,it's not so as it is ignorant,unknown
Not know how it gets it's impurity
It's sound seems as if it creates moan

With all kind of hustle and bustle
It runs as fast as it can run
And reaches the spot with this rustle
Full of sadness,regret with no fun

There it tries to find it's way
In that huge and great Ocean
It is impossible to find even it's own ray
In the end,it disappears in this blue scene

Now nothing is left behind
Life once came and now  gone
Only the deeds are here around
That have been counted by the Throne

Monday, 24 August 2015

कभी था मै अजनबी

कभी था मै अजनबी,अब मीत हूँ तुम्हारा
कभी थी मेरी नाउम्मीदी,अब गीत हूँ तुम्हारा
था घुमा मै गली-गली
सूरत जो देखी भली-भली
था फरेबी वो चेहरा हँसी
अब भेद खुल गया सारा
कभी था मै अजनबी,अब मीत हूँ तुम्हारा
कभी थी मेरी नाउम्मीदी,अब गीत हूँ तुम्हारा
था चाँद भी दीवाना
लगा बड़ा ही वीराना
दाग ने बताया के
उसे चांदनी ने मारा
कभी था मै अजनबी,अब मीत हूँ तुम्हारा
कभी थी मेरी नाउम्मीदी,अब गीत हूँ तुम्हारा
था फूलों ने चिढ़ाया
कलियों ने बहलाया
जब गुजरा वहाँ से
तो भँवरे से हारा
कभी था मै अजनबी,अब मीत हूँ तुम्हारा
कभी थी मेरी नाउम्मीदी,अब गीत हूँ तुम्हारा

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Life and Love

Life creates love for living
And love begins believing
Such belief takes to the core
Of depth that hasn't any shore

Once I fell in such a well of love
I had such love wings to flow
But I didn't know how to swim
Kept taking around with firm

Oh! it's not an easy well but whirlpool
I was caught in that was so cool
It seemed so closer in both side
But oh! it was so deep and wide

My illusion made the other  hide
And with joy,thus I started to ride
In the hope to get my destination
Spite of all misery and alteration

As soon as I try to see that end
Feel some power over me to bend
Still I think it is there to reach
But every time my dream breach

Then O! Friends,tell me the way
That directs me gently to go away
Far-far from all the limitation
Far-far from this false creation

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Lamp of Honesty

The lamp of honesty been blown off
Once it scattered it's light all around
Not a soul felt any jealousy even for loaf
All were respectable in every ground

Truth and faith flowed like blood in vein
Not a trace of falsehood was ever found
Relationship was pure,clean and divine
Time never created any dangerous wound

Not a trace of this is seen now anywhere
Honesty surrenders before dishonesty
It seems as if blood changes it's colour
From red to black as there is duplicity

Everyone seems to have mask on face
Faith has lost it's way on this dreary sand
Truth is still struggling to win it's race
Loyalty has lost it's mark on this golden land

Poverty seems to dance before wealthiness
Greed seems to spread that all can see
Appearing as if it has killed the kindness
Brotherhood is lost like raindrop in the sea

The whole universe is near to reach it's end
To sow again the seed of divine quality
Which were ever sown on this heavenly land
By that great and immortal hand of eternity

Friday, 19 June 2015

When I begin

When I begin painting my feeling
Your image come to my mind
Make me master of  thrilling
That inspires me to paint a new kind

I feel your fragrance through ink
Spreading on the paper like flood
Difficult to draw how you blink
Yet my brush takes ink as blood

Your blue eyes look like lake
Lips as petals and cheeks as roses
Dignity of love that has no lack
The owner of the beauty's Lodges

You are the inspiration for the lovers
Who got hurts in love for days
You are like pole star among the stars
That guides all who lose their ways

Your beauty can give eyes to blind
Life to dead,a support to needy
A hope to those who are denied
A bright way to get remedy

You are such a painting of my world
Truth,only truth reflects there over
On which time can't write any word
This will remain same forever

Monday, 15 June 2015

बहुत मिलेंगे खेलने वाले

बहुत मिलेंगे खेलने वाले अरमानों से
बचके रहना इन मन बहलानेवालों से

ये है मायावी दानव अँधेरी रातों के
जरा दूर रहना इन छलनेवालों से

पहली कलम से लिख देंगे भविष्य
जरा बचके रहना ऐसे कहनेवालों से

बड़ा अपनापन दिखाया था कभी सभी ने
अब पूछो जरा उन  रंग बदलने वालों से

उनका वादा था कभी घर रोशन करने का
लानत की बू आती है चिराग बुझाने वालों से

ये कर लेंगे वादा,खा लेंगें कसम कभी भी
दूर रहना इन झूठी कसम खाने वालों से

कोई और ना बने बलि का बकरा कभी
बचालो सभी को,इन बलि लेने वालों से

कमजोर नही तुम,फौलाद हो इस जहाँ का
बचालो इस देश को इन झूठी शान वालों से

Sunday, 14 June 2015

कितना फर्क

नजर और नजरिये में कितना फर्क निकल आता है
किसी को धुंध,तो किसी को धुआं नजर आता है

हर किसी के विचारों का चलन बदस्तूर चलता है
किसी को गिलास भरा,तो किसी को आधा नजर आता है

कोई खेलता है बेझिझक जिंदगी से कयामत तक
और किसी का सारा जहाँ ही,एक खेल बन जाता है

बड़ा अजीब सफर है इस जालिम ए जमाने का
कोई तो हंसता है,और कोई रोता ही रह जाता है

कितने रहते है शान ओ शौकत से इस जहां में
और किसी का जीवन इंतजार में ही गुजर जाता है

किसी को भर पेट मिल जाता है लजीज खाना
और कोई एक निवाले के लिए तरस जाता है

चढा दी जाती है अनमोल चादरें किसी पथर पर
और कोई बदनसीब बाहर ठण्ड से मर जाता है

Friday, 12 June 2015

तेरी हर हसरत पूरी कर जाऊंगा

ए जिंदगी,मै तेरी हर हसरत पूरी कर जाऊंगा
जिन्दा रहके भी मै,तेरे लिए मर जाऊंगा

खुद जल जाऊंगा शमा ए मुहोब्बत की लौ में
पर तेरे सारे अरमानो को जिन्दा कर जाऊंगा

सुन जरा, तूफान से खेलना शौक नही मेरा
पर तेरी चाहत के लिए तूफान से टकरा जाऊंगा

कितना आजमाएगी मेरी मुहोब्बत को,बता अब
मै तेरी हर आजमाइश पर खरा उतर जाऊंगा

जब तलक् है ये धरती,ये आसमान,ये आबो-हवा
तब तलक इस मुहोब्बत को मै अमर कर जाऊंगा

ए जिंदगी, और ना तड़फा अब तू इस वफ़ा को
नही तो मै इस तड़फ को भी बेअसर कर जाऊंगा

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It Hurts Me

It hurts me deeply
When I find you in other's arm
Spite of what I gave you fully
My love-my life's soul

It hurts me breaking my heart
When you deceive me
Spite of giving my body part
One by one to you

It hurts me thoroughly
When I come to know
That you killed me undoubtedly
Before I suspected you

It hurts me fiercely
When someone talks about
Women's softness in briefly
Comparing with flowers

It hurts me fully
When women show their love
In fact they are not actually
Yet they are given love

Saturday, 6 June 2015


O!dear love,stars burn to see your beauty
Their twinkling is nothing but an illusion
They keep in conspiracy with Moon's treaty
Both can do no harm as you look like Sun

Yester night they went,now they come again
With more shimmering,more shinning shape
They spend their energy to beat you in vain
As they come,they try to show what they prep

The more they burn the more you look fine
Then why they keep burning  in causticity ?
It will do no good living always in heartburn
Should they not know the truth of beauty?

Jealousy is not the track of this life's race
O! Stars,you have only outer shinning
But I see the inner beauty not on face
So I challenge you to keep shimmering

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Reflection of Memories

Nights were full of love affair
Joy,excitement still I feel
Your fragrance is still in air
That makes me little heal

The petal of rose is on bed
That you plucked for me
Now it is dried up but red
That still makes sad me

The fountain sheds tears
That you always took view
The pool is dry for years
In which the Lotus grew

Life was easy,more playful
When you were with me
Difficulty seemed joyful
All pain was faced with glee

When you enjoyed the raining
The drops felt joy in the region
Now the sky seems weeping
When there is the rainy season

All seems to me as dead
Nothing is left to live life
Lights have turned fad
Darkness is there in strife

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Apartheid-A Lousy Thought

Apartheid is the lousy thoughts
Of this mortal world that has all colors
Yet it has created a great difference
Among the souls of human beings

Creator of this world never thought
Of this unwanted difference of skin
But the puppets of it are always fought
Creating a high wall among the kin

No one knows the color of inside frame
Whether it is black or white or red
O! mortal, the color of blood is the same
No one can change this liquid

Can anyone create difference in blood?
If not,then why one makes so much fouls
For white and black difference in the world
Should one not know the color of the souls?

When there is the last call  to leave all these
And this apartheid will be buried or cremated
Then O! puppet,see the colors of the bodies
Tell me then whether it is white,black or red

Then nothing will be left that one built
All one's traces will be destroyed in the sand
Has nothing except confession of one's guilt
Whether one weeps but can't get any friend

O! Ignorant,see where there God live above
He gives His love,care to all the people equally
Through the conscience,this all need to know
So that there may be joy and all live with jolly

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा
धूप होगी पिली,आसमां खोया-खोया होगा

जवां-जवां दिन होंगे,पुरवा होगी सुहानी
गरजेंगे बदरा,दिखेगी काली घटा की जवानी
ऊँची-ऊँची लहरे होंगी,नदियां होंगी भरी
कल-कल करते झरने होंगे,ख़ुशी की होगी परी
चलेंगी पवन तो भीगा-भीगा ये समा होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

रिमझिम-रिमझिम घनघोर घटाएं बरसेंगी
प्यासी धरती और लताएँ अब नही तरसेंगी
हरी-भरी बगिया होगी,कोयल की कुं कुं
तोता-मैना का कलरव होगा,फूलों की खुशबु
फिर बहारों में गुलोबुलबुल का मिलन होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

सूखे-सूखे पेड़ो पर फिर से जवानी आएगी
रूखे-रूखे अधरों पर जवां मुस्कान छा जाएगी
गीतों-गजलों की महफ़िल सजने लगेंगी हर ओर
नई उमंगो और अरमानों से भरी होंगी हर भोर
फिर खिला-खिला,जवां-जवां हर चेहरा होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Love and Beauty

I don't see any beauty in the appearance
when I saw love between blind couple
Why ones run after this fleshy structure
That is covered with nothing but duffel

We admire only the body not the soul
And start spoiling our  all thing for that
Move everywhere to find this like beggar
Facing all difficulties and all kind of fate

This is nothing but an illusion of one's eye
And is caught in this like a rat in rattrap
This attracts all as cheese and bread to rat
And there is nothing except the end's prep

The blind couples never see this body
But they see through their soul's eye
Their love is not for outer appearances
But for inner side that is so much high

They know sight makes all misery and pain
Seeing the change in body it turns it's ways
Then that body remains alone feeling sad
They know this flesh will change it's rays

Their hearts beat for each other in love
Pumping the blood to circulate in the body
They keep moving singing their love song
Feeling all kind of joy not for this flesh podgy

But for their spirit  that sees everything
Even what is there in one's conscience
Their love can not be measured nor compared
They judge better who have such guidance


People have different survivals
Some survive on love,some on hate
Few survive on dead,a few on quarrels
Some survive on fraud,some on fate

Some survive on bread,some on wealth
Many depend on thefts,others on beauty
Few follow their ancestry,others their health
While many remain with the stigma of poverty

Survival can be seen  in the eye of hunger
On the face of that person who labours
It will be there in that person's anger
Who gets nothing in return of his labours

Survival is there in that hope
Which now has become very  bad
Yet it thinks of getting a life rope
Before it sleeps forever on the bed

Thursday, 28 May 2015

If I were an Astronaut

If I were an astronaut
I would fly among the stars
Floating like a cloud
I would move freely to Mars

Beyond all the limitations
I would happy to see the space
That has no boundaries
Impossible to measure its case

I would drive the space craft
And talk flying with that air
Have wings of my dream
Feel all kind of thing very fair

Oh! If I were an astronaut
I would make positive my ambition
And play joyfully on the Moon
That is beyond my imagination

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My love

Shine,shine O! Moon shine
You can't follow the way of mine
I have turned to that destination
There is my beloved's location

Shimmer,shimmer O! Stars shimmer
Your brightness is illusion and poser
My faith will become my guide
To show me the direction that hide

Blaze,blaze O! Summer Sun blaze
You can't stop me by your rays
Like snow,I am so cool
I am chilled in that love pool

Blow,blow O! Winter Wind blow
I have much energy of my love
So I can run faster than you
Your chance seem very few

Birthday Wish

Wish you a happy birthday
Very special in every way
May God fulfill your desire!
You feel joy till you retire

Your days pass with glee
From all evils,you will be free
Your moon will always shine
Stars keep shimmering fine

Your spring greet you with flower
Autumn with corn,rainy with shower
Your summer give you cool breeze
Trees,plants bestow you all ease

Willow trees always bow before you
For your joy,all birds fly in queue
Singing song ,spreading their wings
All vines make for you nice swings

May God bless you everything!
May you live long with charming!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Queen of Valour

She was the bride of bravery
Pride was filled in her blood
Sacrifice was in her ancestry
She stood first in the battle field

Her sword moved like lightning
Creating all around a river of blood
Enemy trembled to look at her fighting
Corpses were flowed there like flood

She fought in that field like a man
Her friends were in the same costume
She didn't feel any fear or any pain
Was ready to face any fate or fortune

She fought bravely till the end
When she was surrounded by many
She killed some with their friend
Under that amazing sky of rainy

Valour appeared like a bridegroom
Reflecting on her shining face
When she met with pride to the doom
After the glorious victory of her race


I wait her daily in this valley
Under that Willow tree
Where she promised lovely
To meet me again with glee

Thus years passed away
The tree has grown old
I am still gazing the way
Through which she rolled

Neither she came nor her news
Now my body doesn't support me
My whole body parts become loose
Darkness has spreaded over me

My heart still feel her breath
How she hugged me tightly
I was happy,never felt any dearth
I kept watching her eyes brightly

How I touched her with my hand
How I played with her joyfully
Enjoyed sliding over snowy land
Oh!the scene was great jolly

Perhaps she went to that place
From where she came here
Now I have only her memory's flash
Which I am feeling sitting here

Yet I have not left my word
Perhaps she promised me
Not to meet me in this world
But there where we will feel free

Thursday, 21 May 2015

कल,आज और कल

भूख को बेबस बिलखते देखा मैने
गरीबों की आँखों में लाखो का ख्वाब देखा मैने
शरद हवाओं में नंगे शरीर ठिठुर गए
और किसी के वदन पर लाखों का सूट देखा मैने

बात करते है जो सम्मान और भारत स्वाभिमान की
उन्ही को औरत के वेश में भागते देखा मैने
गरीबों को ठूंस दिया जाता है जेलों में
और अमीरो को शान से छूटते देखा मैने

वक्त लग जाता है किसी को समझाने में
और किसी को जुमलों से बहलाते देखा मैने
हर रोज बहा दी जाती है खून की गंगा
और उस छप्पन इंच के सीने को भी सिकुड़ते देखा मैने

कोई तो तरस जाता है एक रुपए के लिए
और किसी को नोटों से खेलते देखा मैने
किसानो की मेहनत का कोई भाव नही यहां
और किसी के सूट को करोड़ों में बिकते देखा मैने

कोई खाता है सताईस रुपए में भर पेट भोजन
और किसी को एक निवाले के लिए तरसते देखा मैने
कोई तो चलता है पैदल अपनी मंजिल पर
और किसी को हर रोज हवाई सफर करते देखा मैने

बड़ी मुश्किल से बनाया था आसिया उसने
उसी को पलभर में उजड़ते देखा मैने
शर्त तो थी तकदीर और तब्दीर बदलने की
लेकिन तकदीर बदलने वाले को भी रंग बदलते देखा मैने

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

On Seeing The Little Flowers

On seeing the little flowers
Keep working everywhere
Tears come down like showers
No help for them is here

Tender hands have got hurt
While working at a stall,in field
In industry or in all kind of dirt
Shedding tears,trembled and chilled

Many of them keep rag picking
Searching garbage for day-night
Like bird come in the morning chirping
No one knows whether wrong or right

Hunger actuates them for stealing
Unaware of such delinquency
Poverty excites them for working
In such a place which is very drossy

Who are responsible for their plight?
They who hire them for working
Or they who see them their fight
For the work in which they are falling

O!poets and authors of this globe
Come to me to share my burden
For these little flowers,try to probe
Who are responsible for this harden?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Come Back O! Dear,Come Back

Come back O! dear,come back
In that sweet and lovely train
On that same heavenly track
Where you left me alone in vain

The garden keeps waiting for you
On that soft grass where you laid
The sweet roses that bloom for you
Have dried up in the heat of sad

The old Oak,under which we talked
Now has turned into a log of wood
The path on which,softly,you walked
Now has fully changed its mood

The beautiful fawn that jumped joyfully
To see you there among the flowers
Played and ran around you happily
Is shedding,from its eyes,sad showers

Thus you came,thus you went away
Leaving behind all your sweet traces
That are fresh and fair for my each day
Will inspire me to win my life races

Monday, 18 May 2015

Leave Me Alone

Leave me alone,leave me alone
I am so tired of this false love
That is considered here as truth
Me too thought this all above

Beauties not look so as they seem
Outer appearance is their pretence
They consider lovers as the fool
Who come easily in their fence

I loved her beyond all the limitations
For the sake of love I left all what I had
Never I left anything that she demanded
Even she went away leaving me as dead

Did she get a much better love than me?
Or she wanted to change the taste?
Do all beauties do so everywhere?
Do I consider this as my love test?

Then O!Love God,solve my questions
And take me to that lovely throne
If you can't help me in such condition
Please leave me alone,leave me alone.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

On My Birthday

I spent my thirty nine years
In this world of friend and foe
I laughed and flowed tears
How much I lost and got,not know

I know,I have arrived at manhood
By the train that started at my birth
Leaving behind the days of childhood
I feel sad to think of that heavily dearth

I know more than half way is to go
Many ups and down will be in my way
Yet I face all obstacles without any bow
I have to speed up my ability in every day

The train is still sprinting with high speed
Much work is still left which I have to fill
Before I read the last lesson of my book
That has been gifted me as God's will

Friday, 15 May 2015

Would That I Were a Bird

Would that I were a bird!
I would fly over the Hurst!
No tax to pay
No limitations to stay
I would sit either on temple
Or a church with no rattle!
I would sing the song of happiness
Leaving far away all the sadness!
I would fly
Across the blue sky
Over the rivers and oceans
Touching snow and the mountains
Feeling all kind of joy
Like a playing toy
Beyond all the petty desires
Of the people who are liars
Away from the hustle and bustle
Far from all kind of bad people!
I would fly over the Hurst
Would that I were a bird!

Faith And Life

Where has gone my faith of life?
No one knows,this fills me with grief
Many a time,I tried to know this fate
But every time,it was too late

Happy the days when I had that
Oh! but now I am caught in a bet
It's conditions make me so upset
As I know not it's mysterious rate

The more I walk,the more I puzzle
Life seems me full of hustle and bustle
Can God judge everyone in this way?
Can an innocent be refused of His ray?

But my inner voice makes all clear
He takes all equally who follow His prayer

The Spent Days Never Come Back

The spent days never come back
Yet every body tries to get them
History shows the true map
Many are born and lost their life span

This place is nothing but a net for all
Many were kept,some are near to that
Nobody knows how to play the role
All move round the trap like a rat

Every one stays here for fix time
Some are called soon,some are later
Each one has to sing his rhyme
Only He will decide for all what better

And this is the truth of this mortal life
Which never be denied in spite grief

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Sun

O! Mighty lamp of the day
You make your journey forever
No one in this world has any way
To stop your rays for any favour

You witness the ups and falls
Many evils record in your eye
Never you divert your walks
Face and bear all moving in the sky

Never you weep in Autumn
Never you laugh in Spring
Measure your way in such fashion
Sharply and silently keeps sprinting

You have taken equally the mankind
You give all your warmth and light
Yet they nothing leave  behind
For this,they always remain in fight

Seeing them weeping over thing
You fill with sadness and grief
So you decided to keep moving
As if you never seen anything in life

If ever you stop your motion
Will they still fight to each other?
Will anyone find your solution?
No,they never go further.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

For a Friend

O!dear God has given you two quality
One is creativity and other is beauty
One shows inwardly,other outwardly
Both run equally on this track of worldly

Yet has great difference between whole
One is seen by mortal eyes,other by soul
One reveals the truth which is hidden
The other creates a trap of illusion

Your beauty attract the youngest
They fall upon you almost
But when they fulfill their desire
They move on others to have hire

This creates all misery and tension
Then your pen makes all creation
Feelings come through your heart
Ink paints down them as immortal art

Beauty ends with the passage of time
But your words live forever in your rhyme

Monday, 11 May 2015

When You Feel Lonely

When you feel lonely
Sadness takes over completely

When darkness falls in your way
No hope of getting any bright ray

When your false lover leave you in death
You loose all your courage and breath

When this material world trap you
You can't run away in any view

When your life is filled with woes
All selfish people turn into foes

When your lipstick is faded away
Your pink face turn into gray

Then take a look at your back
I will be there on that track

I will wash your so grieved tears
That you had flowed for many years

I will take your hand in mine
With love,I will hug you fine

I will make you to believe again
your hope will come as rain

You will get back your charm
Playing joyfully with no harm

Saturday, 9 May 2015


संसार बनाने वाली माँ थी
इतिहास बनाने वाली माँ थी
अंग्रेजो को लोहे के चने चबाने वाली
वो झाँसी की रानी भी माँ थी

उदय सिंह को बचाने वाली माँ थी
बेटे का बलिदान करने वाली माँ थी
माँ का रुतबा ऊँचा होता है उस
रुतबे को जग इतिहास बनाने वाली भी माँ थी

राणाप्रताप,सिकन्दर महान बनाने वाली माँ थी
राम-कृष्ण को जग जाहिर करने वाली माँ थी
कितने कष्ट छुपाए आँचल में उस
आँचल को महान बनाने वाली भी माँ थी

राजगुरु सुखदेव भगत सिंह की जुबाँ पर माँ थी
चन्द्रशेखर आज़ाद की गोली पर भी माँ थी
ख़ुशी-ख़ुशी हो गए शहीद देश पर
उनको खुशियाँ देने वाली वो भारत माँ थी

A Lovely Friend-Jennifer Alford

O! My lovely friend,you are far from me
Live in distant land and sea

You always come in my dream
Like a golden fish in a stream

Many a time try to meet you
But such chances seem very few

Your beauty is like flowers in garden
But I can't see that,as it is hidden

Your friendly love like fountain
Pouring on to me from heaven

Your face is like a full Moon
That spreads lovely light very soon

Whoever see you,become blind
As reflection of your beauty is of such kind

Your spring will never say you bye
You always be young, O! dear my

Will I ever meet you?
Will the day come to see you?

O!Jennifer Alford,my lovely friend
You live at a distant land
You live at a distant land

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

O! Moon Be No Proud

O!Moon,don't be proud upon
Your shining is nothing than my moon
Mine is as white as snow
But you spot on your brow

You turn pale in winter
But mine never shows this fainter
You only seem good in night
But mine is all time bright

When you will meet with my moon
You will be surprised very soon
Many can be like you
But mine is one in all view

Then O!moon, be no proud
My Moon,Nenen is so beautiful in crowd

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Can I sit beside you

Can I sit beside you?
Is there many stars in the sky?
Such she asked me in a view
This made me happy and cry

I wonder to say you
We are friends living away
I want to meet but chances few
So different is our fate and way

When I see the stars at night
I find the charm of your eye
Your face your look seem so bright
I feel you when I look at the sky

Your fragrance is in the air
In the sky flying like cloud
When I breath I feel so fair
Having your memory with proud

Time is flying ahead
Dream to meet you become dark
Only thought of your beauty I had
Which appear to me a singing Lark

With love I want to hear your song
That comes from my imagination
Always I feel charm never seem wrong
So sweet my soul can learn the expression

Dear we will meet in the heaven
You will sit beside me looking at the sky
Enjoying the life without any condition
Moving into the stars  like a butterfly

Friday, 1 May 2015

Your Beauty Lies in Your Work

Your beauty lies in your work
Time  has  no power to lurk
Although he cuts down the body
But can't spoil your sweet melody

Which flow like a boat in the sea
Faces many storms with glee
Spreading the odour of your word
Creating a sweet bower in life board

He is nothing but a poor fellow
Your ways are difficult,he can't follow
Has he power to erase what you draw?
Neither he nor anyone can destroy your law

I know there is not a soul in the world
Who can measure your beauty in word
Dear Suzan Moore,go along with your beauty
Which can alone make pure this infinity

Thursday, 30 April 2015

O!Stars Don't Shine upon My Condition

O! stars don't shine upon my condition
As you don't have such passion
That I felt when I believed her
And did all what she wanted,without error

You can shine only at night
But my love shine at all time
You are in the fear of Sun
But I bear it and can't run

Your ways can be stopped by cloud
But I am free from this bound
I have love in the deepest of my heart
But you don't have such lovely art

Your twinkling is your pretence
To make all fool in your presence
Then O!Stars,why you feel so pride
You don't have nothing to ride

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tears are the voice of the heart

Tears are the voice of the heart
They come when lips stop their art
show their pain when the heart is broken
They feel grief when the faith is stolen

When passions are attacked badly
Then they try to stop that gently
When someone is wounded for years
Then eyes are filled with grieved tears

Eyes always give advice to them
Not to flow for faithless in vain
Because they are of great significance
They keep away the lovers from loneliness

Only a love-sick can judge better the tears
As he has been betrayed for many years
This shows how much love he had
This shows how much he feels bad

Monday, 27 April 2015

कितना शकुन मिलता है

कितना शकुन मिलता है साकी तेरे महखाने में
दिल बयाँ करता है दर्द ए मुहोब्बत इस जमाने में
पिला दे मुहोब्बत का जाम दिल भर के
फिर देख मेरी दर्द ए मुहोब्बत पैमाने में
जाम ए इश्क का भर-भर के दे मुझको
दर्द ए दिल अभी खाली है भर जाने में
अभी किस्सा लम्बा है साकी
वक्त लगेगा इसे बयाँ करने में
रात बाकी है अभी बात बाकी है
बाकी है अभी कशक ए मुहोब्बत अफ़साने में
रंग ए मुहोब्बत बदलते देखा ए साकी
भूल कर बैठे थे बेपन्हा मुहोब्बत करने में
नही मालूम था अंजाम ऐसा होगा
वरना कदम नही रखते इस दगा खाने में
ए खुदा करदे फैसला आज जिंदगी का
बहुत सितम सह लिया तेरे इस सितमखाने में

जुदा ना होना

जुदा ना होना ऐसे,जैसे वर्षा होती बादल से
मिलते रहना ऐसे,जैसे नदियाँ मिलती सागर से
तू है मेरे दिल का आईना जिसमे प्यार झलक जाए
जब देखे दिल की आँखे,बस एक तू ही नजर आए
तू मिलना ऐसे,जैसे मिलती है आँखे काजल से
जुदा ना होना ऐसे,जैसे वर्षा होती बादल से
बदन तेरा फूलों सा कोमल,चेहरा चमकता चाँद है
यौवन तेरा सावन की बहार,तू मुहोब्बत का ताज है
तू मिलना ऐसे,जैसे मिलती है बहारें सावन से
जुदा ना होना ऐसे,जैसे वर्षा होती बादल से
हंसती हो ऐसे,जैसे फूलों की कलियाँ खिल जाए
शर्माती हो ऐसे,जैसे बुलबुल कोई मुस्काए
तू मिलना ऐसे,जैसे मिलता है पानी गागर से
जुदा ना होना ऐसे,जैसे वर्षा होती बादल से
मिलते रहना ऐसे,जैसे नदियाँ मिलती सागर से

कदम से कदम मिला कर चल

कदम से कदम मिला कर चल
मंजिल मिल ही जाएगी
रस्ते पर कदम बढ़ा कर तो चल
राहों की बड़ी अजीब अदाएं है
हालात की बड़ी अलग घटाएं है
चारों ओर विपदा के बादल छाएँ है
ऐसे में भी ख़ुशी के गीत गा कर चल
कदम से कदम मिला कर चल
ना देख रास्ता कितना लम्बा है
ना सोच,ये संसार का अचम्भा है
ना डर कि अँधेरा इतना घना है
अँधेरे में भी आशा के दीप जला कर चल
कदम से कदम मिला कर चल
कर्म कर,अपने रस्ते से भटक मत
लोभ-लालच,मोह-माया से लटक मत
दूसरों की अमानत को यूँ गटक मत
अपना जीवन परहित पर वार कर चल
कदम से कदम मिला कर चल
मंजिल मिल ही जाएगी
रस्ते पर कदम बढ़ा कर तो च

Sunday, 26 April 2015

मेरा देश

मेरा देश मेरी पहचान है
इस पहचान को और निखरने दे
मेरा देश मेरी इबादत है
इस इबादत को और संवरने दे
पहाड़ है मुकुट इसका,नदियां बाहें है
समुन्दर है जिगर इसका,आसमां राहे है
मेरा देश मेरी जरूरत है
इस जरूरत को और तरसने दे
मेरा देश मेरी पहचान है
इस पहचान को और निखरने दे
चाँद है दीपक रात का,
सूरज दिन का उज्जला है
तारे है चमक इसकी,
हिमालय इसका रखवाला है
मेरा देश मेरी शान है
इसमें चार चाँद लगने दे
मेरा देश मेरी पहचान है
इस पहचान को और निखरने दे
त्याग-भावना इसकी रग-रग में
शौर्य इसकी भाषा है
बलिदान की गाथा पग-पग पर
दृढ-निश्चय इसकी अभिलाषा है
इस अभिलाषा को और सुलगने दे
मेरा देश मेरी पहचान है
इस पहचान को और निखरने दे
कण-कण में है मेहनत इसकी
रोम-रोम में करुणा है
जन-जन में है प्यार बसा
सदभावना की ये अरुणा है
इस अरुणा को और दहकने दे
मेरा देश मेरी पहचान है
इस पहचान को और निखरने दे
मेरा देश मेरी इबादत है
इस इबादत को और संवरने दे।