Thursday, 25 February 2016

आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं

आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं
जो हुआ एक भूल थी बस,ये समझ के भुला दें
रिश्तों में लगी है जो आग,उस आग को बुझा दें
टूटी हुई माला के मोतियों को फिर से सजाएं
आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं
जो गिर गया है जमीं पर,उसे अपना समझ के उठा लें
जो छूट गया है पीछे कहीं,उसे अपने साथ मिला लें
एक-दूसरे के लिए फिर से मदद के हाथ बढ़ाएं
आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं
जो भी खोया वो अपना था,किसी और का नही
जो आंसू गिरा वो अपना था,किसी गैर का नही
बना लें मन ऐसा कि किसी के आंसू पोंछ पाएं
आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं
रहना है सभी को इसी धरती पर हमेशा के लिए
तो फिर क्यों हम ईर्ष्या-द्वेष के विष का घूंट पिएँ?
भुला कर आपसी रंजिश,फिर से भाईचारा अपनाएं
आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं
राजनितिक षड्यंत्रकारियों को करारा जवाब दें
इंसानियत के दुश्मनों को हमेशा के लिए हरा दें
छोड़कर संकीर्णताओं को एक नया भविष्य बनाएं
आओ फिर से दीया जलाएं
नफरत का अँधेरा दूर भगाएं

Saturday, 20 February 2016


चिंगारी किसी ने फेंकी और घर किसी का जला
सिंहासन का ये खेल शदियों से कुछ ऐसे ही पला

चैन से वो भी नही बैठ सका अपने आशियाने में
आग की लपटों में उसका घर भी स्वहा हो चला

घर की आग में भी अपनी रोटियां सेक लेते है यहां
कुछ लोग चाहते है कि यूँ ही चले ये सिलसिला

कुछ के लिए तो ये है बस एक खेल छोटा सा
जब तक चाहा उन्होंने तब तक जी भरकर खेला

कौन जीता और कौन हारा  बता दे कोई जरा
क्या किसी ने रखा है मान जीत का जो मिला

बड़े-बड़े बाजीगर है यहां बच के रहना जरा
बाजी कुछ ऐसी चलना जिसमे सबका हो भला

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Moonlit Night

In moonlit night under the sky
your breast takes a full shape
When the leaf strikes on it in wind
Standing near the rose bush
Like a new bud soft  and tender
Twigs like hands put gently on your breast
On your lips that are like petals
So tenderness felt by tips of fingers
Tongue fills my body gently as raindrops
Nipples like petals open at the touch of my hands.
Intoxicated eyes reflect erotic passions
Laying on bed looking as a mermaid
Through the cracks of window
Moon cast his light upon your body
Feel so much erotic hiding behind the clouds
Above the window near the bed,
The vine flutters in the air to osculate you
Creeping over your buttocks
As if a bumble bee on flowers to get the juice
Like an inebriated girl of alehouse
Offer your wine to drink to the last drop

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Dream Bride

Moonlit night is full of puberty
A strong reflection of thy jollity
Look like a sweet rose in a garden
In that red robs which thee wear

When thee comes into the bedroom
Whole place is filled with thy charm
When thy red lips open to speak out
A melodious voice fills me with joy

Hands like moss,cheeks like flowers
Heart pours much love like showers
Moon blush in front of thy juvenility
Even Cupid succumbed for thy beauty

Thy velvet skin with light pink color
Make the place illumine with love
Thou come in my embrace pleasantly
Making my heart vibrate so deeply

Meeting as bumble bee with flowers
Affection lies in thee as water in the clouds
Enjoying with thee beyond all limitations
Leaving away all kind of lamentations

O! My dream bride! Let's begin our play
That is required by our spirit to display

Monday, 8 February 2016

My country

            I live in the place of heaven
            Many things have been given
            Where nature sings songs   lovely
            Winds blow pleasantly

      Rain come dancing with showers
      Autumn with grain,Spring with flowers
      Religions flow in soul,honesty in all parts
      Sacrifice in blood,faith in hearts

         Truth comes out of every aperture
          Where no discrimination of color
          Whether black or white
         All people live with duty and right

     Walks on the path of labour free
     Where peace flies in the air like bee
     Non-violence walks with glee
     Sun casts his light on all equally

        Moon shines in the sky fully
       Twinkling stars seem beautifully
       Blue sky appears like mirror
       Where sea washes her feet with no terror

            I live on such golden land
            With the mankind band

Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Homeless Wanderer

A dirty beg on his shoulder
Torn clothes on his body
An old stick in his one hand
Disguise like a moody

Staggering like a drunkard
Moving in the street in hope
Calling in a vibrating voice
Expecting something to eat

Nights pass in his cold eyes
Days in deep despondence
No one seems for him to rise
Nothing is there to hold

Days rise for all with hope
For him, his sun always sets
Darkness seems as a friend
Holding him as a rat in a trap

Days come,days go regularly
His conditions go worsen
His shoulder leaves him fully
Stick falls down from his hand

He falls down on the ground
In the lap of his mother land
To say goodbye to this world
Makes his way to the heaven

Entry may be different here
But exit is same to move on
Leaving behind all that stored
Naked came and thus to go

Friday, 5 February 2016

A tribute to Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A lamp of wisdom ever lighted
To remove the darkness
With his knowledge,his struggle
In spite of stormy winds
Faced tsunami of life at all angles
Hunger couldn't stop his way
Poverty could never beat him
He moved his steps to beat such all
To empower the country with nuclear
Was able to put wings on fire
He ornamented his duty
As the president of the country
Never fell in the well of religion,
Caste or creed
Followed the auspicious rule
Of mankind with devotion
He walked upon the road
And got his destination
Spite of opposite circumstances
His songs of wisdom
Are still heard in this universe
His way of enthusiasm
Still reflects us
His night brings us
A day of hope to go ahead
His words prepare us
To come on the world stage
Dr. Kalam, a great soul of this universe
Keeps lighting  our way like a moon
A mixture of peace and humanity
Flowed in his blood like a river
He took the country to world's height
On his willpower and wings on fire
The lamp is no more
But his light still illumines
Our way to follow his steps
His flames still burning on the path
That will lead all who walk upon