Saturday, 26 September 2015

Child is like a flower

Child is like a flower
Blooming in a garden
Spreading a sweet bower
Makes easy other's burden

All feel it's soft-sweet power
When it's movement is taken
Whole region is filled with shower
In him,there is Almighty's reflection

Even He seems to be it's follower
All remember the days hidden
All know,never returns this shower
Like an angel so pure and solemn

No ill,no will just to smile and hover
Leaving behind a glorious token
To follow the way to that shore
Where it was so irradiation

O yes! Child is like a sweet flower
Child is like a blooming flower

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Empty hand you came

Empty hand you came
Thus you will go
No one will remain same
Why do you create destruction and fraud?
Your love,wish,care are nothing
But only your pretence
To make other believe
To be your own lord
In fact you are nothing but a puppet
In the hand of that Mighty Player
Whatever He likes you do
When He pulls the string
You start pretending
When He loses the string
You become as dead
Then tell me, O! Toys
Why do you make so blunder
To think yourself as big as lord?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

When Evening Meets with Darkness

When evening meets with darkness
Like a puberty-rich river with the ocean
Slowly night creates only sudden silence
Having so different mood and variation

No movement,no sound can be heard
Leaves,plants all seem so stiff,so silent
Moving branches seem hanging like beard
Tall-huge trees all around seem to be bent

Springs,streams stop their dancing around
As if they never danced on this great stage
Stormy winds stop their whistling sound
That blow all day so sharply over the cottage

No one is there who wants to disturb them
In their meeting that is  so lovely and calmly
All who see this,seem standing to guard them
With so much devotion,patience and warmly

May the Moon be their biggest enemy?
He thinks he can make them separate
But not so,he is a puppet of Sunny
He himself remains always desperate

Stars in this infinite sky may feel exasperation
To see their love,their meeting so boundless
That's why they always keep their deflagration
Yes,When night meets with darkness

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beauties are not so what they appear

Beauties are not so what they appear
Their look is nothing but a snare
Innocents are caught by such illusion
Then they have to suffer as desolation

No place is found where truth plays
No reason is found why lie sprays
All have masks to make others believe
Considering this as their ground to live

Their gait is their main tool to be followed
Making up like queen makes others befooled
Their tears are same as the crocodile
Laugh seems as if hyenas smile

They change their joy as chameleon
Deceiving not only one,but million
For them,breaking heart is nothing but play
Considering a lover's heart as toy of clay

But this game does not go forever
Time comes when no one be in their favour
Even their memories leave them alone
Nothing be taken with except forlorn

Neither they increase nor they keep it forever
Time cuts them as they cut their lover
Not a trace of their splendor will remain
O! Beauties! why do you fuss in vain?

अब तो मन भर गया होगा तेरा

अब तो मन भर गया होगा तेरा
नही तो फिर और लगा दे मौत का डेरा
तब तक नही रुकना ए जालिम
जब तक भर ना जाए दिल तेरा

हिम्मत तो देख इस मासूम की
सांसे जरा भी नही अटकी
जा समाया लहरो में ऐसे
जैसे बून्द कोई हो वर्षा की

उसे सागर ने अपने सीने से लगा लिया
उसका सारा दर्द अपनी आगोस में ले लिया
खेला था समुन्द्र का बेटा बन कर,और
लहरों ने उसे किनारे पहुंचा दिया

वो तो सोया है अब सागर की गोद में
सोच!अब तेरा क्या होगा इस योग में
वो तो भव सागर पार हो गया
तुझे तिल-तिल करके मरना होगा इस लोक में

ए जालिम तूने ऐसा गुनाह किया है
जिसमें कोई  ख़ुशी से नही जिया है
ना रातों में नींद,ना दिन में तुझे आराम मिलेगा
अनगिनत मासूमों का खून जो तूने पिया है

कर ले पूरी,गर रह गई हो कोई कमी
फिर मोका भी नही मिलेगा तुझे,ओ बेरहमी
तेरे गुनाहों की सजा कभी माफ़ नही होगी
ना आसमां नसीब होगा ना होगी ये जमीं

Thursday, 3 September 2015

O!Queen,Why you Be proud on your beauty

O! Queen,why you be proud on your beauty
Don't you know this is your unseen frailty
That you believe to be the different one
You fall in this well from which you can't run

Always you think to live such a life forever
Never you ponder when you will be over
Time neither takes pity nor grant anything
Rather he will make you ride over his wing

Then you see what you should have known
Your charm that once played with frown
Now has lost the attraction like a log of wood
Your lips were pink but now seem no good

Look! Have you anything for your pride
This mortal shows your complete side
You do nothing but dragged your sand
This transient body ,this pride on this land

In the end,this flashy toy will burn to ash
Not a trace of your beauty is left to fresh
Then what upon you so much be proud
Nothing be taken with you,even a shroud

Leave mark behind you on golden sand
That other may follow you on this land
Live with other as roses live with thorn
Sing love song listening Lord's horn