Saturday, 21 November 2015

मन्दिर में न चढ़ा तो पत्थर ही कहलाएगा

मन्दिर में न चढ़ा तो बस पत्थर ही कहलाएगा
है तकदीर तेरे साथ तो खुदा भी बन जाएगा

पड़ा रहेगा यूँ रास्ते का रोड़ा बनकर हर कहीँ
गर नसीब में लिखा तो ताजमहल में सज जाएगा

कहीं धूल से ढका होगा तेरा आशियाँ इस जहाँ में
इत्तफ़ाक़ कहीं तुझपे कोई मखमली चादर भी चढ़ाएगा

कीचड़ में सना होगा तू हर तरफ से ए-दोस्त
और कही तुझे इस जमी पर कोई दूध से नहलाएगा

पत्थर ही पत्थर हर जगह फैले पड़े है यहां पर
बस तराशते ही तू एक सुंदर सी मूरत बन जाएगा

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dark night falls on me

Dark night falls on me
Till a moon shines in my life
Nothing but solitude surrounds me
Still waits one hope in my strife

Hours upon hours I see one thing
Sitting alone on that shore
Where my life's tide keeps floating
That nothing appears to be sure

Sometimes it creates high waves
Sometimes it keeps itself very silent
I just run between it's rays
Trying to find a way in that violent

Still no stars,no Moon in my sky
Blackness makes me very sad
But my conscience tells me to fly
In life ,there are good days after bad

Inspiration Makes thee dance with Pen

Inspiration makes thee dance with pen
Sing with words,laugh with pain
When thou weep,it wipes out thy tears
When thou frightened,it soothes thy fears

When faith,in this world,leave thee alone
When darkness makes thee forlorn
In thy path,it lights the lamp of hope
In this darkness,it makes a way of life's crop

When thou get nothing after day labour
It creates a ground for thee to play forever
And thou perform thy role with greater power
Never expect any fruit in return thy share

In a battle,when two fight with each other
One has to hug the loss,nothing is left further
Then,it makes the wounded take the sword
Till the last,he keeps fighting on the board

Banyan Tree

Banyan tree stands here for decades
His eyes have seen all the changes
Many storms came and went
He faced the storms and never bent

Many sit under his shade
Whether they are good or bad
He never tries to make difference
With anyone who lives on this fence

He gives his fruit,his wood to all
He never creates any racial wall
Neither he begs nor he steals
Nor he weeps never he feels

Only performs his duty towards all
Whether you burn or make him fall
Human needs to learn his patience
His duty to serve God's universe

O! Man,where thou run for love

O! Man,where thou run for love?
Spent day-night away from home
Wandering in vain at every row
Did nothing in life except roam

Thou always tried to search face
But never strived to walk right way
Always got in that puzzled race
In which thou couldn't get any ray

Thy heart grows love for thee
Need to sow some seeds there
Then that plant will give this free
O! Man tries to look into there

Water the plant till the fruit appear
Nurture the fruit till thy life remains
Enjoy that without going anywhere
Leave some traces for all the brains

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Beauty is the Greatest Weapon in Thy Hand

Beauty is the greatest weapon in thy hand
Creative power works as a magic wand
Awesome blend of beauty and creativity
Both show thy real image of dainty

Thou are the most beautiful rose among the rest
Thus a flower is blooming in the desert
Spreading a sweet odour everywhere
Dead desert becomes alive that lies there

When thou pass through,all objects seem to greet thee
Leaves seem to touch thy pink cheeks with glee
Branches appear to salute thy grace
Sweet breeze blows there touching
thy face

Sea-waves rise to feel thy soft velvet skin
Tide is calm for thy reflection in that water-scene
Sky seems to protect thee from heat of the day
Moon appears to spread the light in  thy way

Thou are beyond any kind of measure
Can't be cleared by this worldly eraser