Tuesday, 22 December 2015


कब तक चलेगा ये खेल,अब बदलना चाहिए
बड़ा मुश्किल है ये पासा,अब पलटना चाहिए
हवाऐं चलती है अपनी मरज़ी से इस जहां में
इन हवाओं का रुख अब बदलना चाहिए

खिलौने सा है इस कलम का खेल अबतलक
पुराना हो चूका ये खिलौना अब टूटना चाहिए
अबला नही,सहनशक्ति की मूरत निर्भया है तू
निर्भया से अब तुझे शोला बनना चाहिए

और कोई ना तुले इस तराजू में इस तरह से
अब ये सदियों पुरानी तराजू बदलनी चाहिए
चुप सी है ये गलियाँ इस शहर की अबतक
इन गलियों से कोई आवाज निकलनी चाहिए

Monday, 21 December 2015


Soldier fights for the sake of country
Placing his life before the motherland
Making a peaceful place for people's entry
Destroying all kind of mankind's band

Having a gun in hand,armour on body
Move his steps towards the battlefield
Where many are fighting for victory
He starts his mission-means to be killed

Whom he neither meet nor know
His sword decides who will win or defeat
Can't find whether the other is friend or foe
Only moves with sword to show his feat

He makes heaps of deads with his sword
Creating the battlefield like a huge cemetery
Does he know his duty towards the Lord?
Nothing is left to do for him any inquiry

Friday, 11 December 2015

Planet is like a five star hotel

Planet is like a five star hotel
Where we can enjoy everything
Rather than move like cattle
Getting rubbish not see to natural thing

Trees serve with fruit and shade
Serve body with breath and wood
Flowers with scent even when they fade
Fields are full of grains for our food

Rivers give water to the fields and us
Seas are the houses for water creature
Forests are the greatest treasure for us
Fulfill our necessities and make all nurture

Mountains keep all herbs  in height
Sky seems like an umbrella over the planet
Sun blesses with heat,Moon with light
Soil has all the seeds for this planet

Clouds floating in the sky with rain
All seasons play their games in all time
Winds blowing everywhere like a fan
Leaves and twigs start their sweet rhyme