Friday, 16 February 2018


एक ही मोदी काफी था बर्बाद-ए- चमन करने को
पग-पग पर मोदी बैठें हैं,अंजाम-ए- चमन क्या होगा।

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

My heart was like an empty well

My heart was like an empty well
Before you met me in that place
You took me to heaven from hell
And shown me the gracious space

I fly over the sky like a singing bird
After finding a place in your heart
I have got new wings of sweet word
To carry on so that I may play my part

My heart blooms like a sweet flower
To see your beauty with my eyes
Whenever I glance,you seem to hover
You move as softly as butterflies

Having found your love -treasure
I consider me the richest among all
Nobody can erase my love by any erasure
Nor it be limited by creating any wall

Sunday, 4 September 2016

किसी के घर का चूल्हा

खैर, किसी के घर का चूल्हा तो जला
यहाँ उमीदों का दीपक कुछ तो जला

उलझे पड़े थे आँधियों में अब तलक
इन तूफानी हवाओं ने रुख तो बदला

आँखे जो अब तक सूख सी गई थी
अरे उन से ख़ुशी का पानी तो निकला

Sunday, 28 August 2016

O, Moon, You Look Pale

O, Moon, thy look appear so pale
Like me in this world,thou seem fail
Thy dim shining face prove all this
As if all has gone against thy wish

Thy spots are not like loveliness
But they are symbols of loneliness
Why are thou so wan and grieved?
Because,I know, thou art denied

O, Moon,look,I have the same fate
I love much, yes love with no rate
What have I got in return of love?
Only this sadness,pain and sorrow

Are the lovers paid in the same way?
Are they deprived from the love's ray?
O, Moon, tell me this for love's sake
I am new but thou art always awake

Only thou, yes,thou can solve my problem
As in this profession thou art supreme

War Spreads Everywhere Like A Wide pest

War spreads everywhere like a wide pest
A heavy burden on the mankind's chest
Many people have layed dead like crowd
Some of them do not get even a shroud

Some lose their son, some their cousin
So many spend their lives in this fashion
History shows the pictures of the battle
Nothing is left after this dread rattle

For many years,wars fought and wars won 
Destroying all the mankind and the throne
It has not any kindness and not any love at all
But pain,suffering and sorrow in every soul

Creating everywhere a river of blood
Injured and dead seem flowing like flood
Clever and intelligent play this dread game
Innocent people spend their lives in vain

How much time it take to know this game?
When will the civilized people ban the same?

When the Sun Starts His Journey To The West

When the Sun starts his journey to the West,
Then birds are in hurry to reach their nest
Whole day they keeps working in all weather
Never they stop but keep staying together

Family like man's, they have to serve
Duties to follow, rights that they deserve
But never expect any favour from anyone
Night to stay,day to work for everyone

Not anyone is here to teach them to live
Not a soul is here to make them believe
Not any traces as the man has to walk
Never they show any pride as do the folk

It is nature that nurtures them like mother
The sun gives them energy to move further
Trees give them shelter,the wind make them fly
Clouds like players play with them in the sky

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

ये लड़की दीवानी है

ये लड़की दीवानी है
किसी के दिल की कहानी है
आँखों से टपका दिल से निकला
वो पानी है

लगती ये ड्रीम है
होटों की क्रीम है
माइंड से ना उतरे
ये वो अफीम है
देखो ये बड़ी मस्तानी है
ये लड़की दीवानी है....

है लवली सी डोल
नाईस इसका रोल
चलती है मचलके
करती सबको फ़ोल
देखों सबके दिलों की ये रानी है
ये लड़की दीवानी है
किसी के दिल की कहानी है
आँखों से टपका दिल से निकला
वो पानी है