Monday, 25 January 2016

A silent Street

He walks along the dark street
Deeply suffered from her infidelity
Darkness tries to give him comfort
Silence tells him all her frailty

His steps leaves behind his story
How much he gave her all he had
Did all, not for him but for her ecstasy
In all time he never let her feel bad

Slow walk seem much grieved
Remember how she left him alone
In this dark world he was derived
Now he is nothing but a forlorn

The walls weep upon his condition
Street lights try to show him a way
The path under his feet feels his emotion
Moving slowly he hopes to get his ray

Friday, 22 January 2016

Alfonsina Storni

HOMENAJE A Alfonsina Storni
Autor: Sagar Kaswan
Traducción: Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
País: India.

Ella era Como una estrella en el cielo,
uya luz Ilumino al Mundo
Entre Las Otras Estrellas Que Vuelan
camino derminó su.

Un pájaro Que Voló Sobre SUS alas en el aire
Que mantuvo siempre la lucha,
la vida sin FUE Completamente justa
CUANDO enfrentó Varios Obstáculos.

Un Amor Que Entrego Todo Lo Que Tenia
Por el Bien del amor en ESE Mundo,
por el amigo Que ASUME vivir mal
Frente a las Dificultades.

Una luna Que extendió su luz
En la oscuridad del Mundo frío.
Una flor siempre tan brillante,
esparció su aroma en El Universo.

Una pluma Que plasmo Palabras inspiradoras
Sobre Páginas en blanco,
AÚN Funciona Como Grandes espadas
Brillando en el Mundial Escenario.

Belleza múltiples talentosa En Este universo
Corazón suave, dulzura Como la miel,
Descanso para siempre en el fondo pecado marzo
Ella era de Alfonsina Storni.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Tribute to Alfonsina Storni

She was like a star in the sky,
Whose light made the world illumine
Among the other stars that fly
Made her way only to determine

A bird that flew on her wings in the air
That kept this forever with a struggle
The life was not completely fair
Went through many kind of hurdle

A love that gave up all that had
For the sake of love in that world
For the friend,adopted to live bad
Facing all the difficulties in the world

A Moon that spreaded it's light
In the darkness of the cold world
A flower that bloomed ever so bright
Scattering it's scent in the world

A pen that wrote inspiring words
With the ink on the white page
That still works like great swords
Shining on the world stage

A multi talented beauty of this universe
With soft heart,sweetness like honey
Took rest forever in the bottomless sea
She was no one else but Alfonsina Storni

Friday, 8 January 2016

Different people have different meter to see beauty

Different people have different meter to see beauty
But I see beauty in thy heart in thy soul on thy face
I travel by the soul seeing the road that leads to thy beauty
That is traveled much but no one can find out thy trace

Not all can be able to keep the eyes that can see thy power
Not all can have the heart that can store love for thee
Yet many in the hope of getting thee move like rover
Thee play gently in front of them but they can't see

Sitting on my love spot I see them fail in thy exam
And thee,an extremely strict examiner, test them all
Difficult to pass thy test for all who take thy game
It takes time to stand up but no time spends to fall

I have learnt a big text from this that happened
To prepare myself to move on deeply and widely
To that road that goes to thy heart, is not hardened
I will fly with thy love wings spreading outwardly