Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Lamp of Honesty

The lamp of honesty been blown off
Once it scattered it's light all around
Not a soul felt any jealousy even for loaf
All were respectable in every ground

Truth and faith flowed like blood in vein
Not a trace of falsehood was ever found
Relationship was pure,clean and divine
Time never created any dangerous wound

Not a trace of this is seen now anywhere
Honesty surrenders before dishonesty
It seems as if blood changes it's colour
From red to black as there is duplicity

Everyone seems to have mask on face
Faith has lost it's way on this dreary sand
Truth is still struggling to win it's race
Loyalty has lost it's mark on this golden land

Poverty seems to dance before wealthiness
Greed seems to spread that all can see
Appearing as if it has killed the kindness
Brotherhood is lost like raindrop in the sea

The whole universe is near to reach it's end
To sow again the seed of divine quality
Which were ever sown on this heavenly land
By that great and immortal hand of eternity

Friday, 19 June 2015

When I begin

When I begin painting my feeling
Your image come to my mind
Make me master of  thrilling
That inspires me to paint a new kind

I feel your fragrance through ink
Spreading on the paper like flood
Difficult to draw how you blink
Yet my brush takes ink as blood

Your blue eyes look like lake
Lips as petals and cheeks as roses
Dignity of love that has no lack
The owner of the beauty's Lodges

You are the inspiration for the lovers
Who got hurts in love for days
You are like pole star among the stars
That guides all who lose their ways

Your beauty can give eyes to blind
Life to dead,a support to needy
A hope to those who are denied
A bright way to get remedy

You are such a painting of my world
Truth,only truth reflects there over
On which time can't write any word
This will remain same forever

Monday, 15 June 2015

बहुत मिलेंगे खेलने वाले

बहुत मिलेंगे खेलने वाले अरमानों से
बचके रहना इन मन बहलानेवालों से

ये है मायावी दानव अँधेरी रातों के
जरा दूर रहना इन छलनेवालों से

पहली कलम से लिख देंगे भविष्य
जरा बचके रहना ऐसे कहनेवालों से

बड़ा अपनापन दिखाया था कभी सभी ने
अब पूछो जरा उन  रंग बदलने वालों से

उनका वादा था कभी घर रोशन करने का
लानत की बू आती है चिराग बुझाने वालों से

ये कर लेंगे वादा,खा लेंगें कसम कभी भी
दूर रहना इन झूठी कसम खाने वालों से

कोई और ना बने बलि का बकरा कभी
बचालो सभी को,इन बलि लेने वालों से

कमजोर नही तुम,फौलाद हो इस जहाँ का
बचालो इस देश को इन झूठी शान वालों से

Sunday, 14 June 2015

कितना फर्क

नजर और नजरिये में कितना फर्क निकल आता है
किसी को धुंध,तो किसी को धुआं नजर आता है

हर किसी के विचारों का चलन बदस्तूर चलता है
किसी को गिलास भरा,तो किसी को आधा नजर आता है

कोई खेलता है बेझिझक जिंदगी से कयामत तक
और किसी का सारा जहाँ ही,एक खेल बन जाता है

बड़ा अजीब सफर है इस जालिम ए जमाने का
कोई तो हंसता है,और कोई रोता ही रह जाता है

कितने रहते है शान ओ शौकत से इस जहां में
और किसी का जीवन इंतजार में ही गुजर जाता है

किसी को भर पेट मिल जाता है लजीज खाना
और कोई एक निवाले के लिए तरस जाता है

चढा दी जाती है अनमोल चादरें किसी पथर पर
और कोई बदनसीब बाहर ठण्ड से मर जाता है

Friday, 12 June 2015

तेरी हर हसरत पूरी कर जाऊंगा

ए जिंदगी,मै तेरी हर हसरत पूरी कर जाऊंगा
जिन्दा रहके भी मै,तेरे लिए मर जाऊंगा

खुद जल जाऊंगा शमा ए मुहोब्बत की लौ में
पर तेरे सारे अरमानो को जिन्दा कर जाऊंगा

सुन जरा, तूफान से खेलना शौक नही मेरा
पर तेरी चाहत के लिए तूफान से टकरा जाऊंगा

कितना आजमाएगी मेरी मुहोब्बत को,बता अब
मै तेरी हर आजमाइश पर खरा उतर जाऊंगा

जब तलक् है ये धरती,ये आसमान,ये आबो-हवा
तब तलक इस मुहोब्बत को मै अमर कर जाऊंगा

ए जिंदगी, और ना तड़फा अब तू इस वफ़ा को
नही तो मै इस तड़फ को भी बेअसर कर जाऊंगा

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It Hurts Me

It hurts me deeply
When I find you in other's arm
Spite of what I gave you fully
My love-my life's soul

It hurts me breaking my heart
When you deceive me
Spite of giving my body part
One by one to you

It hurts me thoroughly
When I come to know
That you killed me undoubtedly
Before I suspected you

It hurts me fiercely
When someone talks about
Women's softness in briefly
Comparing with flowers

It hurts me fully
When women show their love
In fact they are not actually
Yet they are given love

Saturday, 6 June 2015


O!dear love,stars burn to see your beauty
Their twinkling is nothing but an illusion
They keep in conspiracy with Moon's treaty
Both can do no harm as you look like Sun

Yester night they went,now they come again
With more shimmering,more shinning shape
They spend their energy to beat you in vain
As they come,they try to show what they prep

The more they burn the more you look fine
Then why they keep burning  in causticity ?
It will do no good living always in heartburn
Should they not know the truth of beauty?

Jealousy is not the track of this life's race
O! Stars,you have only outer shinning
But I see the inner beauty not on face
So I challenge you to keep shimmering

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Reflection of Memories

Nights were full of love affair
Joy,excitement still I feel
Your fragrance is still in air
That makes me little heal

The petal of rose is on bed
That you plucked for me
Now it is dried up but red
That still makes sad me

The fountain sheds tears
That you always took view
The pool is dry for years
In which the Lotus grew

Life was easy,more playful
When you were with me
Difficulty seemed joyful
All pain was faced with glee

When you enjoyed the raining
The drops felt joy in the region
Now the sky seems weeping
When there is the rainy season

All seems to me as dead
Nothing is left to live life
Lights have turned fad
Darkness is there in strife

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Apartheid-A Lousy Thought

Apartheid is the lousy thoughts
Of this mortal world that has all colors
Yet it has created a great difference
Among the souls of human beings

Creator of this world never thought
Of this unwanted difference of skin
But the puppets of it are always fought
Creating a high wall among the kin

No one knows the color of inside frame
Whether it is black or white or red
O! mortal, the color of blood is the same
No one can change this liquid

Can anyone create difference in blood?
If not,then why one makes so much fouls
For white and black difference in the world
Should one not know the color of the souls?

When there is the last call  to leave all these
And this apartheid will be buried or cremated
Then O! puppet,see the colors of the bodies
Tell me then whether it is white,black or red

Then nothing will be left that one built
All one's traces will be destroyed in the sand
Has nothing except confession of one's guilt
Whether one weeps but can't get any friend

O! Ignorant,see where there God live above
He gives His love,care to all the people equally
Through the conscience,this all need to know
So that there may be joy and all live with jolly

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा
धूप होगी पिली,आसमां खोया-खोया होगा

जवां-जवां दिन होंगे,पुरवा होगी सुहानी
गरजेंगे बदरा,दिखेगी काली घटा की जवानी
ऊँची-ऊँची लहरे होंगी,नदियां होंगी भरी
कल-कल करते झरने होंगे,ख़ुशी की होगी परी
चलेंगी पवन तो भीगा-भीगा ये समा होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

रिमझिम-रिमझिम घनघोर घटाएं बरसेंगी
प्यासी धरती और लताएँ अब नही तरसेंगी
हरी-भरी बगिया होगी,कोयल की कुं कुं
तोता-मैना का कलरव होगा,फूलों की खुशबु
फिर बहारों में गुलोबुलबुल का मिलन होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा

सूखे-सूखे पेड़ो पर फिर से जवानी आएगी
रूखे-रूखे अधरों पर जवां मुस्कान छा जाएगी
गीतों-गजलों की महफ़िल सजने लगेंगी हर ओर
नई उमंगो और अरमानों से भरी होंगी हर भोर
फिर खिला-खिला,जवां-जवां हर चेहरा होगा
अबके बरस सावन कुछ बदला-बदला होगा