Sunday, 28 August 2016

O, Moon, You Look Pale

O, Moon, thy look appear so pale
Like me in this world,thou seem fail
Thy dim shining face prove all this
As if all has gone against thy wish

Thy spots are not like loveliness
But they are symbols of loneliness
Why are thou so wan and grieved?
Because,I know, thou art denied

O, Moon,look,I have the same fate
I love much, yes love with no rate
What have I got in return of love?
Only this sadness,pain and sorrow

Are the lovers paid in the same way?
Are they deprived from the love's ray?
O, Moon, tell me this for love's sake
I am new but thou art always awake

Only thou, yes,thou can solve my problem
As in this profession thou art supreme

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